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Elleada's Eyebrow Serum is a blend of herbs, essential oils, and plant botanicals is an all natural, lightweight, oil-free one step topical eyebrow growth serum that invigorates and supercharges your eyebrow follicles and provides the perfect environment for eyebrow growth and optimal nourishment through natural nutrients.

Roll-on bottle size is 10ML.

Elleada's products are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, soy free, ethically sourced, and zero waste!

Good for all skin types.

Elleada's eyebrow growth serum is best for people who suffer with:

☹️ Accidentally plucked your eyebrows too thin back in the 90s & early 00s

☹️ Eyebrow loss due to stress

☹️ Eyebrow loss due to hormones

☹️ Eyebrow loss due to an autoimmune disease

☹️ Eyebrow loss due to postpartum imbalances

☹️ Eyebrow loss due to an eating disorder

☹️ Eyebrow loss due to pharmaceutical meds

☹️ Eyebrow loss due to skin imbalances

☹️ Eyebrow loss due to trichotillomania

☹️ Dermatitis

☹️ Folliculitis

☹️ Your eyebrows not growing past a certain point


Reported benefits of using Elleada's hair serum:

✅ Reversing eyebrow thinning
✅ Reversing eyebrow patches

✅ Regaining eyebrow thickness

✅ Antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic

✅ Blood flow stimulant

✅ Proteolytic enzymes that help to remove the dead skin cells that clog pores

✅ Effectively reduces redness, itching, inflammation and scaling

✅ Contains vitamins & minerals: Vitamin A, B, C, D and K, Iron, Silica


Shake well before use. Liberally roll on eyebrows twice a day, morning and night (approximately 8-10 swipes per eyebrow). Best results seen with everyday or every other day use. Elleada's eyebrow serum's suggested timeframe of usage is 6-9 months of consistent daily use to replenish eyebrows.

Key Ingredients

Water, Tara gum gel (a natural thickening agent), horsetail herb, nettle herb, rosemary oil, cedarwood oil, clary sage oil, lavender oil, aloe vera juice, caprylhydroxamic acid GG (a natural preservative derived from a coconut oil amino acid)

Additional Info

Shake well before use
Keep away from excessive heat and sunlight
Avoid contact with eyes
People pregnant or breastfeeding should consult with their doctor before using this product


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Taylor H.
United States United States

I love Elleada

Wonderful, I put the eyebrow serum on my thinning and patchy spots every time I get out of the shower. Works great!

Alia K.
United States United States

Best Brow Serum in the business ( I should know I hadno brows!)

Let’s start with a eyebrow serum! The serum is made with a metal roller which is cool to touch and makes it easy for even distribution. I’ve used many products in the past with tiny brushes that were very difficult to control and apply. … but best of all it works my barley there brows needed to be trimmed after 2 weeks and I noticed a difference week 1 The hair serum… works as well I am blessed to have a thick full head but the serum hooked up the hair line so I’m very sure it works. I bought a few bottles for my home girl with thinning hair and she said It’s improved her confidence so much. I’ve already re-ordered a bottle of each and sent the link to several of my friends. I hope you find this product as amazing as I have… Finally let’s just talk about the price i that is less than what I was spending on Latisse and it works better than great Lash was working on my brows. More effective for half the price no I do not work for these people I just genuinely love it!!

Rachel C.
United States United States


I’ve used their hair serum before so I knew this would be a hit. The rosemary scent makes me feel I’m at a spa. The overall product adds an extra little umph of luxury to my skincare routine!

Riona H.
United States United States

Love it!

I actually purchased this one instead of the regular hair serum because I wanted something I can easily roll on where my baby hairs are while also being able to use it for my brows! It’s not as minty as the hair serum so the scent isn’t as strong as the hair serum which I prefer! It works great!

United States United States

Baby brow hairs coming in!

I previously tried the brow serum that starts with a V that instagram peddles to me all the time, but it did absolutely nothing for me which is why I won't even spell it out here. Elleada's brow serum started growing brow hairs where they previously never grew before in only a few weeks. I can't recommend this enough. It also smells wonderfully relaxing - I love putting it on right before bed.